Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wayne Henderson's Christmas Party 12-21-07

My family and I were invited to Wayne Henderson's Christmas party by Helen White. I was really excited to be invited there because Wayne is such a famous person in old time music in the Blue Ridge Mountains and around the world. We got to visit his guitar shop where he builds his instruments. In the shop, I got to hear Tina Liza Root pick on her brand new Henderson guitar that she had been waiting for for many years. She had magnetic eyes, I can't explain it. She told me something in Russian and then disappeared. She was amazing!!

I lost my earing in the van on our way there. Victoria stayed at home. The house was full of people playing instruments. In the living room, Doc Watson was picking with Steve Kilby and Wayne Henderson. That was pretty amazing to see!! Marlon and James got to play with them too.

Upstairs were no more stairs. In one of the bedrooms, there were some young guys playing music together. Blake was my favorite. He had long blonde hair that fell across his face in such a hot way that I couldn't help but fall in love with him. He was so cute, but I have a boyfriend and I don't want to cheat on him. There was also a guy named Eddie. Catie loved him and she said he was pretty handsome, but he had ladies hands and she said GROSS! We like big hands that can surround ours and keep them warm. That's what my Sergey has. He is such a cute boy!

Anyway, we stayed and listened to them until 1 AM. We didn't get tired!! I wonder why?? But we needed to go home. So we said bye bye and we never saw them again. I'm not upset, but I still love Blake. HAHA Just Kidding.

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